BEST OF 2014!


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Old-man Emmanuel and old-man Travis send a broadcast from the future!

Our old-man future selves recount their favourite memories of 2014 in a two-episode blowout! They play the best interviews, the most depraved quotes, and their favourite tunes of the year!

We play these songs:

Chad VanGaalen - Shrink Dust - Where Are You
Nap Eyes - Whine of The Mystic - Dark Creedence
Strange Attractor - Back To The Cruel World - This is Total Shit
Boyhood - Bits n’ Bobs - Post-Poc
Destruction Unit - Deep Trip - God Trip
The Yips - Air Loom - Wytch Elm
Playboy Manbaby - Bummeritaville - Modest Meowz
Kappa Chow - Punk As Fuck 7" - Punk As Fuck
Vacation - Candy Waves - Pyro Hippies
Tweens - Tweens Be Mean
Old and Weird - What I Saw - Gig Bag

Odonis Odonis - Hard Boiled Soft Boiled - Are We Friends
TV Freaks - Leeches 7” - Leeches
Dad Jokes - J-C-V-D - J-C-V-D
HSY - Split Tape - Scratch
Sheer Agony - Unruly Sisters - Goodbye Cream
The Beverleys - EP - Bad Company
Brazilian Money - Brazilian money - Why Am I Still Standing Here? CC
Merchandise - Children of Desire - Time
Bonnie Doon - Bonnie Doon EP - Pizza Shark
She’s - EP - Don’t Wanna Go to Work
Absolutely Free - Absolutely Free - Vision’s
Old and Weird - What I Saw - Gig Bag

Originally aired Dec. 22 and Dec. 29, 2014.


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Alanna and Travis harass CITY SLANG faves NAP EYES and MONOMYTH outside a venue! They dish dirt on themselves, explain how board games work, and get to the bottom of who has more in common with Kanye West.

Plus ragers from around the world, and BRUCE HAACK!

Tunes this week:

Nap Eyes - Whine of The Mystic - Dark Creedence
Monomyth - Saturnalia Regalia - Pac Ambition
Monomyth - Saturnalia Regalia - Patsy
Nap Eyes - Whine of The Mystic - Delirium & Persecution Paranoia

Iceage - Plowing Into The Field Of Love -  The Lord’s Favorite
California Girls - Age of Consent EP - Dangerous
Salad Boys - Salad Boys - Dream Date

No.Negative - Album Blanc II - Feelin’ The Heat
Mexican Slang - B-Side - Season In Hell

Bruce Haack - Electric Lucifer Book II - Stand Up Lazarus



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Emmanuel returns from globe-trotting with tons of vinyl! Travis makes fun of Steve Albini and plays nasty new tunes! We play UK punk, international thrashers, and Canadian weirdos! 

Plus a sneak peak of our interview with NAP EYES and MONOMYTH

Tunes this week:

Shellac - Dude Incredible - Riding Bikes 
Musk - Unreleased - Last Stand 
Yes, I’m Leaving - Mission Bulb - Endless Mind 

Good Throb - Fuck Off - Acid House 
Thee Nodes - Thee Nodes/Naughty Girls split - Living Like a Corpse 
VCR - 7” Beer Shit Night/Pizza Party 
Naughty Girls - Thee Nodes/Naughty Girls split Toy Cop 

King Tuff - Black Moon Spell - Black Moon Spell 
Terry & Louie - 7" - I’m Lookin’ For a Heart 
Chloroform - Untitled Album - Forget It 

TV Smith’s Explorers - The Last Words of the Great Exporer - The Perfect Life 
Killing Joke - 7” - Tension 
The Jesus and Mary Chain - 7” - Bo Diddley is Jesus 

Nap Eyes - Whine of the Mystic - Dark Creedence 
Monomyth - King, Does This not Please You? (Behold The Power) - Cigarette



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One-man psych band PAUL JACOBS talks about cartoons, getting into trouble, and how his house burning down drove him to skateboarding. 

Plus hear our tapes of the week, a set of Windsor punk tunes, and brand new tracks. 

Paul Jacobs - Paul Jacobs - Bad Art, Bad Teacher 
Paul Jacobs - Coffin Ride - Sara’s Party 
Paul Jacobs - Drug Theaters - Trippin’ in the Park 
Paul Jacobs - Drug Theaters - Sharp Dress 
Paul Jacobs - Drug Theaters - Under Water 

The Spys - Single - Underground 
Luxury Christ - Problematic For the People - Difference 
Worry - II - Precision Auto (Superchunk) 

Devonian Gardens - Solar Shifting - Goldbond 
Cult Babies - Cult Babies EP - Good Death 

Bel Argosy - Let’s Hear it For Bel Argosy - Yer Door 
La Misma - S/T 7" - Guerras Silenciosas 
Damaged Bug - Hubba Bubba - Photograph 

Black Lips - Underneath The Rainbow - Smilin 
Nap Eyes - Whine of The Mystic - No Man Needs to Care 

Mode Moderne - Occult Delight - She Untamed


Old and Weird have a few drinks during band practice and talk to us about getting in trouble with the police, and leather goods, and give a crush talk! Plus, Ryan of CROSSS crashes the interview!

Emmanuel plays songs that are both old and include the word “weird”!

Plus, hear these tunes:

Old and Weird - Craft Single - Fan Song
Old and Weird - Judy Cool - All of My Friends
Old and Weird - Judy Cool - Judy Cool
Old and Weird - Life’s Tough Not Really - Monster Daze
Crosss - Obsidian Sphere - Smoke
Moon - Moon - Stained Glass
Heaven for Real - Wanton - Want On
Nap Eyes - Four More Songs - A Stolen Boy
Monomyth - Monomyth - Hiroshima
Crime - San Francisco’s Still Doomed - Rockin’ Weird
MDC - Millions of Dead Cops - My Family Is A Little Weird
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life - Some Weird Sin
Weirdos - 7" - We Got The Neutron Bomb
Weed - Deserve - Gun Shy
FUZZ - FUZZ - What’s In My Head

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Originally aired: Sept 30, 2013.


Garage psych-os MONOMYTH tell us about their worst jobs, what’s playing in the van, and then trash talk every band from Halifax! 

We play all bands trashed by MONOMYTH, and put together sets to celebrate 25 years of Sub Pop! 

Hear tracks from Monomyth, Nap Eyes, Each Other, Old & Weird, Scratch Acid, Wipers, Sonic Youth, Crosss, Quaker Parents, Quivers, and Violence!

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