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ZAKARY SLAX AND THE TEENAGE MUTANT SUPERSTARZ size up against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, talk pizza, martial arts, and their upcoming schawarma reservation!

Plus killer tunes and Birthday shout outs!

Featuring these tunes:

Zakary Slax - Teenage Mutant - Get Yr Shit Together
Zakary Slax - Teenage Mutant - Complainer
Astral Gunk - Afterburners Vol 4 - Antilove
Zakary Slax - Teenage Mutant - Remains

Yellowteeth - Rat King Vol. 1 - Body In The Ocean
Noise Hounds - Rat King Vol. 1 - Wastin Away
Astral Gunk - Rat King Vol. 1 - All Surf’s Up

The Mouthbreathers - Appetite for Deconstruction - Birthdays
Kappa Chow - Unreleased - Invisible Shadow
Yellowteeth - Gets in Car - Without a Groan

WTCHS - It’s Not a Cross, It’s a Curse! - Neil
The Foggy Notions - Sussed - No One Comes Out Alive

Allison Crutchfield - Lean In To It - Lupe
Ought - More Than Any Other Day - Pleasant Heart
Chad VanGaalen - Diaper Island - Burning Photographs
Monomyth - Saturnalia Regalia! - Medicine Man

New Swears - Junk - Day Dreamer
New Order - Age of Consent


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Joe of KAPPA CHOW talks about the Sackville, NB music scene, Twin Peaks, and the punkest thing he’s done! Plus, Travis quizes him on the mythical creature the KAPPA, and we learn about farts, cucumbers, and the toughest member of KAPPA CHOW!

We hear a set of Sackville tunes, including unreleased tracks!

Heard these tunes:

Kappa Chow -  KC I/II - Bang Bang
Kappa Chow - Punk As Fuck 7" - Love On Me
Kappa Chow - KC I/II - Sleep The Day Away
Kappa Chow - Punk As Fuck 7" - Punk As Fuck
Kappa Chow - KC I/II - Invisible Shadow
Kappa Chow - KC I/II - Save Your Opinion

Astral Gunk - unreleased - Anti-Love
Zachary Slax - unreleased - Rat City
Best Fiends - unreleased - Puppy Love 
The Mouthbreathers - V/A Rat King 1 - Same Words
Yellowteeth - V/A Rat King 1 - Boy + Girl

Faux Fur - Faux Fur - Burnt
Un Blonde - Un Blonde - Spine
Long Weekends - Tell It To My Heart - The Best You Ever Had

Childbirth - It’s a Girl! - Sister Wives
Monster Treasure - Monster Treasure - I don’t Giv'a Shit



NEW TUNES GALORE! Hear the best new releases before the new year, plus a set of Craft Single favourites, and a tribute to the FUN BOY CLUB HOUSE, home of the NEW SWEARS.

RIP Fun Boy Club House.

Crystal Stilts - Nature Noir - Spirit in Front of Me

Night Beats - Sonic Bloom - Sonic Bloom

The Obits - Taste The Diff - Bed & Bugs

Jacuzzi Boys - Hotline - Jacuzzi Boys

Solids - Off White - Blame Confusion

King Krule - Easy Easy from 6 Feet Beneath The Moon

Dog Day - Sunset - Fade Out

La Luz - It’s Alive - It’s Alive

The Ketamines - So Hot! - So Hot!

Invasions - Born On A Wave - Invasions

Freelove Fenner - Do Not Affect a Breezy Manner - Dr. D

Special Costello - Craft Singles Vol 3 & 4 - Chlorinated Lung

Old & Weird - Craft Singles Vol 3 & 4 - Minstrel Rock

Heaven For Real - Craft Singles Vol 3 & 4 - You Are The One With The Iron Heart Device

Yellowteeth - Craft Singles Vol 3 & 4 - Repo

New Swears - New Swears - Paradise

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HSY joins us in a haunted jail to share spooky ghost stories and talk about Frankensteins! Our interview nearly goes off the rails when it gets crashed by Doomsquad, Petra Glynt, and a haunted tour! SPOOOOOKY!

Plus, Emmanuel plays a set of Craft Singles, including a favourite from Yellowteeth (RIP).

And hear these most excellent tunes:

HSY - HSY / Das Rad split tape - Scratch
HSY - EP - Milk Chug
HSY - EP - Waffles
Doomsquad - Doomsquad EP - Ovoo
HSY - EP - Tartar Mouth

Panache - Vie de velours - Léa dans les magazines
Quaker Parents - Craft Singles Vol 3 & 4 - Rubber Match
The You Are Minez - Craft Singles Vol 3 & 4 - Oh Sidney
Yellowteeth - Craft Singles Vol 3 & 4 - Explore Scandinavia

Kent State - The Wrong Side of History - Behind Closed Doors
Suspect - Suspect - Tyranny of The Desert
White Lung - Blow It South 7" - Blow It South

Petra Glynt - Of This Land - Of This Land

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Raymond of THE FAMINES returns to teach us about Soviet Russian art and what it would be like to paint with Stephen Harper! 

Plus a summer preview of upcoming bands playin’ LIVE, LIVE, LIVE, Including Ottawa Explosion

Hear tracks from Iceage, Vacation, Yellowteeth, Bill Orcutt, Tropical Dripps, The Yips, Black Tower, Mac DeMarco, Psyche Tongues, Holograms, The Mark Inside, The Sound, and Pure X!

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