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CHASTITIY BELT joins us at the Ottawa Explosion weekend to do the CITY SLANG questionnaire! The nicest band in all of Seattle refuses to trash talk, design leopard print costumes, and survive falling off stages!

Plus a set of discovered-in-Halifax tunes, and new releases!

Hear these songs:

Chastity Belt - Time To Go Home - Drone
Chastity Belt - Time To Go Home - Trapped
Chastity Belt - Time To Go Home - Why Try
Chastity Belt - Time To Go Home - On The Floor
Chastity Belt - Time To Go Home - The Thing
Chastity Belt - Time To Go Home - Cool Slut

Dyscontrol - Lies 7" - Lies
Bloodsport - Goodbye to the Holy Mountain - Photos From My Last Trip to Salem
Lantern - I don’t know 7" - I Don’t Know
Homo Duplex - On and On Or On 7" - Caramel Kite

Fist City - Everything Is a Mess - Hey Little Sister
Pinner - #2 Demo - Island Song
Bantam Wing - Oh Hi No. 1 Compilation - You Keep Going On

Negative Scanner - Negative Scanner - Would You Rather?

Originally aired July 15, 2015


Garage psych-os MONOMYTH tell us about their worst jobs, what’s playing in the van, and then trash talk every band from Halifax! 

We play all bands trashed by MONOMYTH, and put together sets to celebrate 25 years of Sub Pop! 

Hear tracks from Monomyth, Nap Eyes, Each Other, Old & Weird, Scratch Acid, Wipers, Sonic Youth, Crosss, Quaker Parents, Quivers, and Violence!

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Paul of Halifax garage weirdos COLD WARPS talks about getting stupid tattoos and drinking Yoo-hoo!

In the second half of the show, Travis subjects Paul to a BRUTAL X-FILES quiz! 

Plus, we play tracks from CROSSS, Krang, Wolf Cow, Surf City, Astral Gunk, Feral Trash, and Thalidomy Kids!

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Originally aired: May 27 2013.