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One-man psych band PAUL JACOBS talks about cartoons, getting into trouble, and how his house burning down drove him to skateboarding. 

Plus hear our tapes of the week, a set of Windsor punk tunes, and brand new tracks. 

Paul Jacobs - Paul Jacobs - Bad Art, Bad Teacher 
Paul Jacobs - Coffin Ride - Sara’s Party 
Paul Jacobs - Drug Theaters - Trippin’ in the Park 
Paul Jacobs - Drug Theaters - Sharp Dress 
Paul Jacobs - Drug Theaters - Under Water 

The Spys - Single - Underground 
Luxury Christ - Problematic For the People - Difference 
Worry - II - Precision Auto (Superchunk) 

Devonian Gardens - Solar Shifting - Goldbond 
Cult Babies - Cult Babies EP - Good Death 

Bel Argosy - Let’s Hear it For Bel Argosy - Yer Door 
La Misma - S/T 7" - Guerras Silenciosas 
Damaged Bug - Hubba Bubba - Photograph 

Black Lips - Underneath The Rainbow - Smilin 
Nap Eyes - Whine of The Mystic - No Man Needs to Care 

Mode Moderne - Occult Delight - She Untamed