Travis fucked up the interview recording with Will Anderson of WEED, who put out one of his favourite records of the year! He desperately tries to recreate it with Will’s friends Anna and Vance on the line! Hear them talk about dirty dish duty, Seinfeld, and a near-murder experience on a train! 

Plus French tunes, and new tunes from DAGGER EYES

Weed - Deserve - Silent Partner 
Weed - Deserve - Hollowed Out 
Weed - Deserve - Granted 
Weed - Gun Control EP - Amber 

Alex Bourque - Dog years EP - Cut The Strings 
The Soupcans - Parasite Brain - Parasite Brain 
White Poppy - White Poppy - Wear Me Away 

Les Guenilles - Zéro pis une barre - La scène locale 
Cheval Fou - Pété Rare - Code S 
Panache - Vie de Velours - Fils d’un fils 

First Base - First Base - That’s My Girlfriend 
Los - 7” - Ghost 
The Dagger Eyes - Reaper - Cutting Edge 
The Dagger Eyes - Reaper - New Wave 
The Dagger Eyes - Reaper - The Rat

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HSY joins us in a haunted jail to share spooky ghost stories and talk about Frankensteins! Our interview nearly goes off the rails when it gets crashed by Doomsquad, Petra Glynt, and a haunted tour! SPOOOOOKY!

Plus, Emmanuel plays a set of Craft Singles, including a favourite from Yellowteeth (RIP).

And hear these most excellent tunes:

HSY - HSY / Das Rad split tape - Scratch
HSY - EP - Milk Chug
HSY - EP - Waffles
Doomsquad - Doomsquad EP - Ovoo
HSY - EP - Tartar Mouth

Panache - Vie de velours - Léa dans les magazines
Quaker Parents - Craft Singles Vol 3 & 4 - Rubber Match
The You Are Minez - Craft Singles Vol 3 & 4 - Oh Sidney
Yellowteeth - Craft Singles Vol 3 & 4 - Explore Scandinavia

Kent State - The Wrong Side of History - Behind Closed Doors
Suspect - Suspect - Tyranny of The Desert
White Lung - Blow It South 7" - Blow It South

Petra Glynt - Of This Land - Of This Land

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Old and Weird have a few drinks during band practice and talk to us about getting in trouble with the police, and leather goods, and give a crush talk! Plus, Ryan of CROSSS crashes the interview!

Emmanuel plays songs that are both old and include the word “weird”!

Plus, hear these tunes:

Old and Weird - Craft Single - Fan Song
Old and Weird - Judy Cool - All of My Friends
Old and Weird - Judy Cool - Judy Cool
Old and Weird - Life’s Tough Not Really - Monster Daze
Crosss - Obsidian Sphere - Smoke
Moon - Moon - Stained Glass
Heaven for Real - Wanton - Want On
Nap Eyes - Four More Songs - A Stolen Boy
Monomyth - Monomyth - Hiroshima
Crime - San Francisco’s Still Doomed - Rockin’ Weird
MDC - Millions of Dead Cops - My Family Is A Little Weird
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life - Some Weird Sin
Weirdos - 7" - We Got The Neutron Bomb
Weed - Deserve - Gun Shy
FUZZ - FUZZ - What’s In My Head

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Originally aired: Sept 30, 2013.