The great CITY SLANG puke off!

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The great CITY SLANG puke off! We pull the grossest highlights from the history of the show, including interviews from MOSS LIME, GUANTANAMO BAYWATCH, BOYHOOD, LOWER, MERCHANDISE, FREAK HEAT WAVES, CHAD VANGAALEN, and THE BEVERLEYS! Find out who has cleaned the worst toilets, who puked out of a moving car, and who watches porno bloopers!

Plus non-stop gross tunes!

Moss Lime - July 1st - Ice Cream Sandwiches
Guantanamo Baywatch - Oh Rats 7" - A Boy To Love
Boyhood - Single - H3 Don’t
Lower - 7" - Someone’s Got It In For Me
Freak Heat Waves - Bonnie’s State of Mind - Dig A Hole
The Beverleys - Brutal - Visions

Seth Smith - Lowlife Score - Fast Food
Lumpy and The Dumpers - Ausmuteants split - Noxious
Human Eye - They Came From The Sky - Junkyard Heart
Strange Attractor - Back To The Cruel World - Hot Dog Water
Cold Warps - Slimer 7" - Slimer

Mean Jeans - Are You Serious? - Slime Time
HSY - EP - Slimeball
Lumpy and The Dumpers - 7" - Too Much Slime
Black Lips - Let It Bloom - Punk Slime

Originally aired on September 16, 2015

BEST OF 2014!


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Old-man Emmanuel and old-man Travis send a broadcast from the future!

Our old-man future selves recount their favourite memories of 2014 in a two-episode blowout! They play the best interviews, the most depraved quotes, and their favourite tunes of the year!

We play these songs:

Chad VanGaalen - Shrink Dust - Where Are You
Nap Eyes - Whine of The Mystic - Dark Creedence
Strange Attractor - Back To The Cruel World - This is Total Shit
Boyhood - Bits n’ Bobs - Post-Poc
Destruction Unit - Deep Trip - God Trip
The Yips - Air Loom - Wytch Elm
Playboy Manbaby - Bummeritaville - Modest Meowz
Kappa Chow - Punk As Fuck 7" - Punk As Fuck
Vacation - Candy Waves - Pyro Hippies
Tweens - Tweens Be Mean
Old and Weird - What I Saw - Gig Bag

Odonis Odonis - Hard Boiled Soft Boiled - Are We Friends
TV Freaks - Leeches 7” - Leeches
Dad Jokes - J-C-V-D - J-C-V-D
HSY - Split Tape - Scratch
Sheer Agony - Unruly Sisters - Goodbye Cream
The Beverleys - EP - Bad Company
Brazilian Money - Brazilian money - Why Am I Still Standing Here? CC
Merchandise - Children of Desire - Time
Bonnie Doon - Bonnie Doon EP - Pizza Shark
She’s - EP - Don’t Wanna Go to Work
Absolutely Free - Absolutely Free - Vision’s
Old and Weird - What I Saw - Gig Bag

Originally aired Dec. 22 and Dec. 29, 2014.



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Musician, producer, illustrator, animator, super nice dude CHAD VANGAALEN is on the show! Chad talks about his animated movie, his daughter’s defunct techno bands, and their strange bug powers!

PLus, Chad FIRES BACK at his frienemies in PREOCCUPATIONS and responds to their trash talk from EPISODE 68!

Plus, contributor Alanna Why is in studio, and Travis talks about the greatest YouTube comment ever!


Tunes this week:

Chad VanGaalen - Shrink Dust - Where Are You

Chad VanGaalen - Diaper Island - Shave My Pussy

Chad VanGaalen - Diaper Island - Blonde Hash

Chad VanGaalen - Soft Airplane - Molten Light

Chad VanGaalen - Shrink Dust - Leaning On Bells

Teenanger - E P L P - Sky Saxon

Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs - Gates Of Hell - Birthday

Naomi Punk - Television Man - Linoleum Tryst #19

Eaters - Eaters - Bury The Lines

Catholic Girls - Sheila Joined a Cult - Daddy Hunting

Cassie Ramone - The Time Has Come - Hangin On

Blonde Redhead - Barragán - No More Honey



Photo via NatCapitalRock!

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ZAKARY SLAX AND THE TEENAGE MUTANT SUPERSTARZ size up against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, talk pizza, martial arts, and their upcoming schawarma reservation!

Plus killer tunes and Birthday shout outs!

Featuring these tunes:

Zakary Slax - Teenage Mutant - Get Yr Shit Together
Zakary Slax - Teenage Mutant - Complainer
Astral Gunk - Afterburners Vol 4 - Antilove
Zakary Slax - Teenage Mutant - Remains

Yellowteeth - Rat King Vol. 1 - Body In The Ocean
Noise Hounds - Rat King Vol. 1 - Wastin Away
Astral Gunk - Rat King Vol. 1 - All Surf’s Up

The Mouthbreathers - Appetite for Deconstruction - Birthdays
Kappa Chow - Unreleased - Invisible Shadow
Yellowteeth - Gets in Car - Without a Groan

WTCHS - It’s Not a Cross, It’s a Curse! - Neil
The Foggy Notions - Sussed - No One Comes Out Alive

Allison Crutchfield - Lean In To It - Lupe
Ought - More Than Any Other Day - Pleasant Heart
Chad VanGaalen - Diaper Island - Burning Photographs
Monomyth - Saturnalia Regalia! - Medicine Man

New Swears - Junk - Day Dreamer
New Order - Age of Consent



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Matt of ABSOLUTELY FREE joins us to talk about On The Beach, the cosmic sounds of NASA probes, working with Portishead’s Geoff Barrows, and Matt gives Travis a FRANK ZAPPA primer! 

And more! Contributor and zinester Alanna Why checks out Ottawa’s NATIONAL DRONE DAY show and interviews SELF SURGERY, HERONS WAKE, and the HUMAN BEING LAWNMOWERS! 

Plus we play these tunes: 

Absolutely Free - Absolutely Free 12" - UFO 
Absolutely Free - On The Beach 12" - Clothed Woman, Sitting 
DD/MM/YY - Beak/DDMMYYYY Split LP - Pizza Mind 

Beak - >> - 0898 
Phil Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble - Phil Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble - On The Beach 
King Stitts - Dancehall ‘63 - On The Beach

Ex-Cult - Midnight Passenger - Midnight Passenger
Chad Vangaalen - Shrink Dust - Frozen Paradise
Swans - To Be Kind - Screen Shot