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Emmanuel returns from globe-trotting with tons of vinyl! Travis makes fun of Steve Albini and plays nasty new tunes! We play UK punk, international thrashers, and Canadian weirdos! 

Plus a sneak peak of our interview with NAP EYES and MONOMYTH

Tunes this week:

Shellac - Dude Incredible - Riding Bikes 
Musk - Unreleased - Last Stand 
Yes, I’m Leaving - Mission Bulb - Endless Mind 

Good Throb - Fuck Off - Acid House 
Thee Nodes - Thee Nodes/Naughty Girls split - Living Like a Corpse 
VCR - 7” Beer Shit Night/Pizza Party 
Naughty Girls - Thee Nodes/Naughty Girls split Toy Cop 

King Tuff - Black Moon Spell - Black Moon Spell 
Terry & Louie - 7" - I’m Lookin’ For a Heart 
Chloroform - Untitled Album - Forget It 

TV Smith’s Explorers - The Last Words of the Great Exporer - The Perfect Life 
Killing Joke - 7” - Tension 
The Jesus and Mary Chain - 7” - Bo Diddley is Jesus 

Nap Eyes - Whine of the Mystic - Dark Creedence 
Monomyth - King, Does This not Please You? (Behold The Power) - Cigarette



Subscribe to the podcast!

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Robbie of RUBBER BROTHER RECORDS braves the face melting conditions of Tempe, Arizona to deliver one of the funniest CITY SLANG questionnaires yet! Learn about angst-y Celine Dion concerts, funeral t-shirts, and a town-sized truck stop!

PLUS a spotlight on Shake! Records, some punk-rock Birthday shout outs, and MORE!

This week’s tunes:

Petty Things - Year of The Dog - Bored
Of The Painted Choir - Barbarous - Cactus Wren
Best Dog Award - Faith-Based Space Place - Lady Saigoon
The Thin Bloods - Twin Tumors Vol. 2 - Peter Was a Virus
The Daddyo’s - It’s A Tough World Out There For a Lonely Girl - Arizona
Playboy Manbaby - Bummeritaville - Modest Meowz

Lungbutter - Extractor - Jellyfish
Literature - Chorus - Court/Date
Old and Weird - What I Saw - Gig Bag

The Vibrators - Pure Manio - Whips and Furs
Chloroform - Demo - Clouded Head
The White Wires - III - Jackie and Donna
Steve Adamyk Band - Dial Tone - Not Gonna (Ever)

Fist City - Shake! Records sampler - Queen of The Slugs
Monster Treasure - Shake! Records sampler - Heat
Lab Coast - Shake! Records sampler - Really Realize