Festival special!


Photograph by Daryl Reid

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Festival special this week! We spotlight artists playing Ottawa Explosion, Lawnya Vawnya, and Kazoofest!

Plus, a highlights from our OTTAWA EXPLOSION interviews, and a special set of music from Natalie of NOTS!

Hear these tunes:

Aquarian Blood - 7” - Savage Mind
Giorgio Murderer - Primitive World - Primitive World
Golden Pelicans - S/T - Turqoise & Silver / New Jersey
Glueams - 7” - Strassen

White Lung - Deep Fantasy - Sycophant
Kappa Chow - Kappa Chow - Bang Bang
Needles//Pins - Out of This Place 7" - Out of This Place
Monomyth - Craft Single - Trash Day
Sheer Mag - 7" - Point Breeze
Earth Girls - Demo - Obey

The Famines - 2x7” - Gimme Some Numbers
Tyvek - On Triple Beams - Wayne County Roads
Fist City - It’s 1983, Grow Up! - Boring Kids
Tough Age - S/T - I Waste Too Much Time On Myself
Moss Lime - July First - July First

Teenanger - Frights - Bank Account
Weaves - Single - Motorcycle
Walrus - Glam Returns - Banger
Vulva Culture - Rolling in the Deep - Human Garbage

Originally aired March 23, 2015



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Memphis band NOTS joins us on the show this week! We talk to singer and guitarist Natalie about playing on morning TV, the best places to party in Memphis, and photoshopping Meemaw’s cat!

Plus a special RIP Mammoth Cave set, we play an entire tape by the Coneheads, and new tunes!

Hear these songs:

Nots - We Are Nots - Reactor
Nots - We Are Nots - Decadence
Nots - We Are Nots - Black Mold
Nots - We Are Nots - Static
Nots - We Are Nots - Insect Eyes
Nots - We Are Nots - Get Along
Nots - We Are Nots - Monochromatic

Strange Attractor - Barely Doing Crime - I Need To Kill My Neighbours
Teledrome - Teledrome - Boyfriend
Nervous Talk - Introductions - Shut it Off
The Famines - The Complete Collected Singles - Hi Hi Hi
Feel Alright - Oahu Ohio - Dark Incantations
Gold - Losing Your Hair - Drugs

Coneheads - Selected Ringtones Tape 3 - Head Onna Steak (ver.2)
Coneheads - Selected Ringtones Tape 3 - Smiling Beat of Life
Coneheads - Selected Ringtones Tape 3 - Machine Gun
Coneheads - Selected Ringtones Tape 3 - Pressure On The Brain
Coneheads - Selected Ringtones Tape 3 - Baby’s Crying
Coneheads - Selected Ringtones Tape 3 - 45-2566
Coneheads - Selected Ringtones Tape 3 - People Punks

Screaming Females - Rose Mountain - Ripe

Originally aired on March 16, 2015



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Don’t listen on an empty stomach, it’s the FOOD EPISODE! Travis plays an all ice cream set, Emmanuel plays food punk classics, and our hosts get into a full-fledged FOOD FIGHT!


PLUS hear the all-time weird lost new wave classic, FOOD FIGHT, by the Village People!

We play these tunes:

Descendents - Fat EP - I Like Food

Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business
Moss Lime - July First - Ice Cream Sandwiches
Ice Cream - N/A - Plastic
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers - Ice Cream Man

Personal & The Pizzas - 7" - I Don’t Wanna Be No Personal Pizza
Dead Milkmen - Big Lizard In My Back Yard - Nutrition
Clorox Girls - J'aime Les Filles - Le Banana Split
Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist - Soup Is Good Food

Towanda - Black Sheep EP - Underraged
NVN - EP - Snow
Learning - Culkin - The Gun Show

Big Dick - Disappointment - Let Down
The Famines - The Complete Collected Singles 2008-2011 - Hi Hi Hi

Century Palm - Century Palm - New Creation

Originally aired Jan. 19, 2015



BEST OF 2013! Emmanuel and Travis re-cap the best CITY SLANG iterviews and tunes from 2013.

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Happy New Year, ya jerks!

Episodes feature these tunes:

Episode 47

Dinos Boys - Play Dead 7" - Play Dead
Boyhood - Afterburners Vol. 2 - Acting Mean Uh
Boyhood - When I’m Hungry - Thailand
Cold Warps - Tour Demos - Black Oil
Cold Warps - Cold Warps - I Got Opinions, Dude
Cousins - Duz/Cuz - Nans
Human Eye - It Came From The Sky - Alien Creeps
Needles//Pins - 12:34 - I don’t Mind
Needles//Pins - Out of This Place 7" - Out of This Place
Monomyth - King, Does This Not Please You (Behold The Power) - Cigarette
Peach Kelli Pop - V/A Bloodstains Across Ontario - Panchito Blues
Mike Krol - I Hate Jazz - Like A Star
Mike Krol - Ephemeroptera No. 2 - My Country Tis Of Thee
Teenanger - Fright - Bank Account
Average Times - Average Times - She Knows

Episode 46

Teledrome - Double Vision 7” - Dial Tone
Low Culture - Screens - Screens
Boyhood - EP - Heat
The Famines - The Complete Collected Singles - Hi Hi Hi
Steve Adamyk Band - Third - Had A Heart Attack
Big Dick - S/T - Schoolyard Violence
Babysitter - Eye - Talkin’ Bout The New Generation
Roberta Bondar - Hiss - Salt
The Nymphets - 7" - Bekki-Anne
Nun Un - Lineage - Recognition Blues
METZ - 7" - Negative Space


Raymond of THE FAMINES returns to teach us about Soviet Russian art and what it would be like to paint with Stephen Harper! 

Plus a summer preview of upcoming bands playin’ LIVE, LIVE, LIVE, Including Ottawa Explosion

Hear tracks from Iceage, Vacation, Yellowteeth, Bill Orcutt, Tropical Dripps, The Yips, Black Tower, Mac DeMarco, Psyche Tongues, Holograms, The Mark Inside, The Sound, and Pure X!

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We hear from Total T about his Taco Tuesdays! Raymond from The Famines teaches us a history lesson! And a preview of next week’s terrifying story about CATTLE PRODS! 

We play songs by METZ, Kremlins, Iceage, THIGHS, Peace, Lantern, Blue Cross, The Famines, and Outdoor Miners.

Originally aired: March 11 2013