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Joe of KAPPA CHOW talks about the Sackville, NB music scene, Twin Peaks, and the punkest thing he’s done! Plus, Travis quizes him on the mythical creature the KAPPA, and we learn about farts, cucumbers, and the toughest member of KAPPA CHOW!

We hear a set of Sackville tunes, including unreleased tracks!

Heard these tunes:

Kappa Chow -  KC I/II - Bang Bang
Kappa Chow - Punk As Fuck 7" - Love On Me
Kappa Chow - KC I/II - Sleep The Day Away
Kappa Chow - Punk As Fuck 7" - Punk As Fuck
Kappa Chow - KC I/II - Invisible Shadow
Kappa Chow - KC I/II - Save Your Opinion

Astral Gunk - unreleased - Anti-Love
Zachary Slax - unreleased - Rat City
Best Fiends - unreleased - Puppy Love 
The Mouthbreathers - V/A Rat King 1 - Same Words
Yellowteeth - V/A Rat King 1 - Boy + Girl

Faux Fur - Faux Fur - Burnt
Un Blonde - Un Blonde - Spine
Long Weekends - Tell It To My Heart - The Best You Ever Had

Childbirth - It’s a Girl! - Sister Wives
Monster Treasure - Monster Treasure - I don’t Giv'a Shit