Travis fucked up the interview recording with Will Anderson of WEED, who put out one of his favourite records of the year! He desperately tries to recreate it with Will’s friends Anna and Vance on the line! Hear them talk about dirty dish duty, Seinfeld, and a near-murder experience on a train! 

Plus French tunes, and new tunes from DAGGER EYES

Weed - Deserve - Silent Partner 
Weed - Deserve - Hollowed Out 
Weed - Deserve - Granted 
Weed - Gun Control EP - Amber 

Alex Bourque - Dog years EP - Cut The Strings 
The Soupcans - Parasite Brain - Parasite Brain 
White Poppy - White Poppy - Wear Me Away 

Les Guenilles - Zéro pis une barre - La scène locale 
Cheval Fou - Pété Rare - Code S 
Panache - Vie de Velours - Fils d’un fils 

First Base - First Base - That’s My Girlfriend 
Los - 7” - Ghost 
The Dagger Eyes - Reaper - Cutting Edge 
The Dagger Eyes - Reaper - New Wave 
The Dagger Eyes - Reaper - The Rat

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