Preoccupations/Mac DeMarco (UPDATED)


(Note: This post was originally included Preoccupations former band name. We're pleased to make the correction. For more information, read this open letter to the band by Jon McCurley from before they changed their name.)

(Note: We were made aware of this disturbing story about Mac DeMarco after our interview. We've taken the episode down and won't be having DeMarco on our show again. CITY SLANG believes music scenes should be safe spaces for everyone, and we have zero tolerance for harassment or assault.)

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PREOCCUPATIONS takes a break from massaging each other to discuss near homicide, street fights, and Chad Vangaalen’s driving!

Beloved Canadian weirdo MAC DEMARCO takes the CITY SLANG questionnaire and shares his sordid history with Tommy Lee!


Check out a video below of an unreleased PREOCCUPATIONS song shot at their Ottawa show! You were probably there!

Tunes this week:

Preoccupations - Cassette - Throw It Away

Preoccupations - Cassette - Unconscious Melody

Preoccupations - Cassette - Oxygen Feed

Preoccupations - Unreleased - Bunker Buster

Pretty Pretty - Leather Weather - Leather Weather

Hurula - Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för - Om jag tänker alls

Roberta Bondar - Caustic - Wet Eyes

The Estranged - Languid Skies - If Everything

Steve Adamyk Band - Dial Tone - Suicide

The Sugar Stems - Only Come Out At Night - Baby Teeth