Paul of Halifax garage weirdos COLD WARPS talks about getting stupid tattoos and drinking Yoo-hoo!

In the second half of the show, Travis subjects Paul to a BRUTAL X-FILES quiz! 

Plus, we play tracks from CROSSS, Krang, Wolf Cow, Surf City, Astral Gunk, Feral Trash, and Thalidomy Kids!

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Originally aired: May 27 2013.


In honour of the 8th Ottawa Community Record Show, Emmanuel and Travis dug through their records to spin nothin’ but Ottawa gems, lost classics, and plain trash on vinyl!

Hear tunes from Uranus, Shotmaker, Sick Fits, Outdoor Miners, Women, Jonathan Richman, Honest Injun, Trapt, Yeah Yeah Noh, Walking Cliché, The Membranes, Krang, Holy Cobras, and more!

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Originally aired: April 9 2013