A Totally Typical Episode!


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Emmanuel and Travis return from a hiatus of winter-fuelled illness, only to scrap their plans for the show to play all women bands, all night for International Women’s Day!

We play these tunes:

Bush Tetras - Single - Too Many Creeps
Au Pairs - Single - You
Carambolage - Carambolage - Tu Doch Nicht So
Lydia Lunch - 13.13 - This Side of Nowhere

Good Throb - Good Throb - Jealousy
X-Ray Spex - Germ-Free Adolescents - Identity
Primetime - S/T 7” - Right Track

Old and Weird - Craft Singles - Minstrel Rock
Thee Ahs - Cory’s Coathangers - Spooky Love
Weaves - Weaves EP - Take a Dip
Hag Face - Shearing Pinx split - Baby Doomers

Suburban Lawns - Janitor
Belgrado - S/T LP - In My Head
Bags - Survive EP - Survive

Bonnie Dune - An Affair To Imagine - Pizza Shark
Nightshades - Demo - The Beauty of Dreaming
Blue Angel - Demo - Don’t Want Need To

New Fries  - Fresh Face Forward - Goberth, Roberth
Moss Lime - July First - July First

Originally aired March 9th 2015.


In honour of the 8th Ottawa Community Record Show, Emmanuel and Travis dug through their records to spin nothin’ but Ottawa gems, lost classics, and plain trash on vinyl!

Hear tunes from Uranus, Shotmaker, Sick Fits, Outdoor Miners, Women, Jonathan Richman, Honest Injun, Trapt, Yeah Yeah Noh, Walking Cliché, The Membranes, Krang, Holy Cobras, and more!

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Originally aired: April 9 2013


Jared and Johanna of THE NYMPHETS and LAURA magazine tell us about playing video games with crust punks, Twin Peaks, and their Canadian Netflix recommendations!

We give away a PISSED JEANS LP! Contest is still open, email cityslangradio@gmail.com to win!

Plus tracks from Pissed Jeans, Nymphets, Yellow Teeth, Wastoids, Leven Signs, Cindy Lee, Blitz, Cock Sparrer, Sham 69, and Bad Brains.

Originally aired: March 25 2013

Footage of the Nymphets in Ottawa on April, 2012.