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Travis catches up with OLD AND WEIRD and HEAVEN FOR REAL after a backyard show! It’s a ramshackle interview covering disgusting road food and James Franco!

Plus new tunes, and more! Hear these songs:

Old & Weird - Split 7" w/ New Fries - Yes I Care
Heaven For Real - Split 7" w/ Homebody - O So Right
Old & Weird - Split 7" w/ New Fries - Kirkobaine
Heaven For Real - Craft Single - You Are The One With The Iron-Heart Device
Old & Weird - What I Saw - Awake My Face Alive

Homebody - Split 7” w/ Heaven For Real - Vestigial Organ
New Fries - Split 7" w/ Old & Weird - Jazz

Institute - Catharsis - Perpetual Ebb
Dope Body - Kunk - Old Grey
Dilly Dally - Sore - Purple Rage
Destruction Unit - Negative Feedback Resistor - If Death Ever Slept

Babysitter - Babysitter - Exploding Youth
No Aloha - No Problemo - Feelies

Homeshake - Midnight Snack - Heat

Originally aired Sept. 24, 2015



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We interview Montreal’s MOSS LIME in the back of a car, and find out about their worst toilet memories and secret art collections! Then, an interview with Toronto’s BLONDE ELVIS about their rampant alcohol abuse!

Plus Emmanuel and Travis put themselves through the CITY SLANG questionnaire and talk about their worst jobs ever!

We play these tunes:

Moss Lime - July First - Ice Cream Sandwiches
Moss Lime - July First - July First
Moss Lime - July First - Calabria 2014
Moss Lime - July First - Sac À Douche

Homeshake - In The Shower - Making a Fool of You
Alex Calder - Fatal Relay - Someone
Ausmuteants - Order of Operation - Boiling Point

Blonde Elvis - Single - Slow Fall on Egypt
Blonde Elvis - Single - Fit For Her

Mavo - 7” - Totally Tired
Eagulls - Eagulls - Nervous Endings
Ex-Cult - Ex-Cult - Shattered Circle

VVhile - VVhile - Nobody Knows

Originally aired Dec. 1, 2014


Tunes, tunes, tunes! We play the best new records, including hits off the labels Mammoth Cave, Fixture Records, Perdu, and Buzz!

Plus a few questions for JAG of the band WTCHS!

Hear songs by Weaves, Das Rad, HSY, WTCHS, Tropical Popsicle, LAMBS, Disappears, Crystal Stilts, Gold, Feel Alright, Nervous Talk, Freelove Fenner, Homeshake, Sheer Agony, Lantern, and Jeans Boots!

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Originally aired: Sept. 23 2013.


BEN JENSEN of WAY BAD and STANDARD ISSUE zine joins us in studio to talk about being a super famous artist!

We interview Ian Thompson of LTW, Human Shield, Deal Breaker, and the CRICKET CEMETERY label! We talk about the punkest monuments in DC, and spending time with your Dad!

Plus tunes from Trauma, Dinos Boys, Manipulation, Bloody Gears, Human Shield, Thick Skin, The Shirks, and Homeshake!

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Originally aired: May 6 2013