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Travis catches up with OLD AND WEIRD and HEAVEN FOR REAL after a backyard show! It’s a ramshackle interview covering disgusting road food and James Franco!

Plus new tunes, and more! Hear these songs:

Old & Weird - Split 7" w/ New Fries - Yes I Care
Heaven For Real - Split 7" w/ Homebody - O So Right
Old & Weird - Split 7" w/ New Fries - Kirkobaine
Heaven For Real - Craft Single - You Are The One With The Iron-Heart Device
Old & Weird - What I Saw - Awake My Face Alive

Homebody - Split 7” w/ Heaven For Real - Vestigial Organ
New Fries - Split 7" w/ Old & Weird - Jazz

Institute - Catharsis - Perpetual Ebb
Dope Body - Kunk - Old Grey
Dilly Dally - Sore - Purple Rage
Destruction Unit - Negative Feedback Resistor - If Death Ever Slept

Babysitter - Babysitter - Exploding Youth
No Aloha - No Problemo - Feelies

Homeshake - Midnight Snack - Heat

Originally aired Sept. 24, 2015



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Denver’s HOMEBODY and Toronto’s DIRTY FRIGS are slammed together for no good reason into an epic CITY SLANG questionnaire! Find out who used to sing in a bad country band, thrill to curse words, and hear an interview veer out of control!

Plus hear new tunes, a tape feature on TYE DYE TAPES! Hear these songs:

Dirty Frigs - Dirty Frigs - Osiris
Homebody - EP 01 - Embroidery
Dirty Frigs - Dirty Frigs/Spectre split - Smokes You Must
Homebody - Skin and Let Live - Hollow Nest
Dirty Frigs - Dirty Frigs - Swampy
Homebody - Skin and Let Live - Permanent Accompanist

Ursula - Demo - Relief
Sealings - I’m a Bastard - White Devil
Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect - Why Does it Shake?
Royal Headache - High - Another World

Arm Candy - Arm Candy - Tribute
Radical Boy - Radical Boy/Pjaro split - Summer Resort
Feature - Culture of the Copy - Twins

Kappa Chow - Collection - Bang Bang

Originally aired July 29, 2015