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We interview Montreal’s MOSS LIME in the back of a car, and find out about their worst toilet memories and secret art collections! Then, an interview with Toronto’s BLONDE ELVIS about their rampant alcohol abuse!

Plus Emmanuel and Travis put themselves through the CITY SLANG questionnaire and talk about their worst jobs ever!

We play these tunes:

Moss Lime - July First - Ice Cream Sandwiches
Moss Lime - July First - July First
Moss Lime - July First - Calabria 2014
Moss Lime - July First - Sac À Douche

Homeshake - In The Shower - Making a Fool of You
Alex Calder - Fatal Relay - Someone
Ausmuteants - Order of Operation - Boiling Point

Blonde Elvis - Single - Slow Fall on Egypt
Blonde Elvis - Single - Fit For Her

Mavo - 7” - Totally Tired
Eagulls - Eagulls - Nervous Endings
Ex-Cult - Ex-Cult - Shattered Circle

VVhile - VVhile - Nobody Knows

Originally aired Dec. 1, 2014


(Note: CITY SLANG conducted this Alex Calder interview before allegations of sexual assault came to light. We've taken down the recording and won't be having Alex Calder on our show again. CITY SLANG has zero tolerance for harassment and sexual assault, and would not have had Calder on the show had we known about this before the interview.)

All star after all star! Raymond Biesinger of The Famines gives us some style pointers and a history lesson on WWI TANKS! Plus, Alex Calder of Makeout Videotape takes a RAPID FIRE INTERVIEW, and we learn about near-death tour experiences, and where the best drug-front restaurants are in Montreal. 

And hear tunes from The Famines, Tweens, Pretty Pretty, Vacation, Alex Calder, Makeout Videotape, Dirty Beaches, Whore Paint, and Rough Kids.

Originally aired: Feb 4 2013