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Denver’s HOMEBODY and Toronto’s DIRTY FRIGS are slammed together for no good reason into an epic CITY SLANG questionnaire! Find out who used to sing in a bad country band, thrill to curse words, and hear an interview veer out of control!

Plus hear new tunes, a tape feature on TYE DYE TAPES! Hear these songs:

Dirty Frigs - Dirty Frigs - Osiris
Homebody - EP 01 - Embroidery
Dirty Frigs - Dirty Frigs/Spectre split - Smokes You Must
Homebody - Skin and Let Live - Hollow Nest
Dirty Frigs - Dirty Frigs - Swampy
Homebody - Skin and Let Live - Permanent Accompanist

Ursula - Demo - Relief
Sealings - I’m a Bastard - White Devil
Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect - Why Does it Shake?
Royal Headache - High - Another World

Arm Candy - Arm Candy - Tribute
Radical Boy - Radical Boy/Pjaro split - Summer Resort
Feature - Culture of the Copy - Twins

Kappa Chow - Collection - Bang Bang

Originally aired July 29, 2015



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It’s the first in our OTTAWA EXPLOSION BLOWOUT! We’ve scientifically engineered the best set of questions in the universe, and asked some of our favourite bands to answer the CITY SLANG QUESTIONNAIRE!

Burger and Dave of TV FREAKS talk fights, why you shouldn’t fuck with them, working at mcdonald’s, and tripping on syzurp!

Ian and Matt of DAD JOKES find pyrex in dildo boxes and huck bottles at Canadian alt rockers Serial Joe!

Gina Vinelli of BONNIE DOON talks fighting at Ottawa Explosion, and Bonnie Doon’s Oprah connection!!

Tunes this week:

TV Freaks - Leeches 7” - Leeches
Bonnie Doon - V/A Afterburners Vol. 4 - Pizza Shark
Dad Jokes - J.C.V.D. - J.C.V.D.

Protomartyr - Under Cover of Official Right - Maidenhead 
Blue Angel - Demo - Don’t Want Need To
Sonic Avenues - Mistakes - In Your Head
Zex - Savage City 7” - Savage City

Nubians - V/A Afterburners Vol. 4 - 7 & 7 is
Organ Eyes - V/A Afterburners Vol. 4 - Sunny Day Jaguar
Meck - V/A Afterburners Vol. 4 - Kelly Rippa
Astral Gunk - V/A Afterburners Vol. 4 - Antilove
The Machine of IX - V/A Afterburners Vol. 4



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OTTAWA EXPLOSION SPECIAL! We’ve got a spotlight on bands playing the OTTAWA EXPLOSION FESTIVAL, the annual festival full of beer, bands, and BEST BUDS put on by our very own Emmanuel Sayer!

For more info on Ottawa Explosion and buying tickets go to the OTTAWA EXPLOSION SITE! And get on it, because the party starts TOMORROW!

The tunes this week:

Feral Trash - Unreleased - Obey
Big Dick - S/T LP - Schoolyard Violence
Low Culture - 7" - Travel Song
Needles//Pins - Shamebirds - Shamebirds
New Swears - Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Never - Midnight Lovers

The Mandates - S/T LP - She’s Walking Over
Average Times - S/T LP - Summer Nights
First Base - S/T LP - She’s Boy Crazy
Pink Wine - S/T - Better Half
Mother’s Children - Lemon - Break It To Me

The Marked Men - Fix My Brain - A Little Time
Steve Adamyk Band - S/T LP - Hollowed
Sonic Avenues - Mistakes - Wasted Summer
The White Wires - 7" - Don’t Call Me When You’re Ill

Protomartyr - Under Color of Official Right - Scum. Rise!
Tweens - Tweens Be Mean
Primitive Hearts - Split with Pookie & the Poodlez - Last Chance
The Creeps - Eulogies - Ghost

The Yips - Air Loom - Repeater
Roberta Bondar - Hiss - Salt