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Robbie of RUBBER BROTHER RECORDS braves the face melting conditions of Tempe, Arizona to deliver one of the funniest CITY SLANG questionnaires yet! Learn about angst-y Celine Dion concerts, funeral t-shirts, and a town-sized truck stop!

PLUS a spotlight on Shake! Records, some punk-rock Birthday shout outs, and MORE!

This week’s tunes:

Petty Things - Year of The Dog - Bored
Of The Painted Choir - Barbarous - Cactus Wren
Best Dog Award - Faith-Based Space Place - Lady Saigoon
The Thin Bloods - Twin Tumors Vol. 2 - Peter Was a Virus
The Daddyo’s - It’s A Tough World Out There For a Lonely Girl - Arizona
Playboy Manbaby - Bummeritaville - Modest Meowz

Lungbutter - Extractor - Jellyfish
Literature - Chorus - Court/Date
Old and Weird - What I Saw - Gig Bag

The Vibrators - Pure Manio - Whips and Furs
Chloroform - Demo - Clouded Head
The White Wires - III - Jackie and Donna
Steve Adamyk Band - Dial Tone - Not Gonna (Ever)

Fist City - Shake! Records sampler - Queen of The Slugs
Monster Treasure - Shake! Records sampler - Heat
Lab Coast - Shake! Records sampler - Really Realize



NICK FLANAGAN of COMEDY, BRUTAL KNIGHTS, and WRONG HOLE talks to us about hair care, his gross injuries, and gets hip with Ottawa and its strip clubs!

Plus, Travis works out some elevator-related issues after getting stuck in an elevator for an hour with an ALL-ELEVATOR-SET!

Plus hear these tunes:

Brutal Knights - Blown 2 Completion - Take Breaks
Brutal Knights - Feast of Shame - Grow Up Throw Up
Brutal Knights - Feast of Shame - We Have A Website
Brutal Knights - Life Ain’t Cool 7" - Fake Youth
Brutal Knights - Life Ain’t Cool 7" - Life Ain’t Cool
Teen Crud Combo - Judgement Night Soundtrack Part II - Wash Dish
Wrong Hole - Unreleased - What Is A Car?

Plastic Idols - I.U.D. 7" - Sophistication
The Lepers - S/T - Christmas In Reverse

Resurrection Band - Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Any More - Elevator Muzik
13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators - Thru The Rhythm
Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain - Elevate Me Later
Pixies - Come On Pilgrim - Levitate Me

The White Wires - WWII - And Then You Told Me
Kappa Chow - 7" - I Want Out
Abject Pax - 7" - Selfish Hands

Average Times - Average Times - She Knows
HSY - HSY - Tartar Mouth
Tough Age - Open It Up

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Allie Hanlon of PEACH KELLI POP (and The White Wires!) joins us on the show to talk about why dog poop smells, how she’d party on mars, and how to bake the PERFECT BANANA BREAD! Listen up! 

Plus, hear the most CRUSHING SET OF MUSIC EVER PLAYED ON RADIO! And some other tunes! 

Hear songs from Peach Kelli Pop, Peach Kelli Punk, The White Wires, Red Kross, Mike Krol, Home Blitz, Cryptomaniacs, Predator, Whore Paint, Hunx and His Punx, Capital 6, and Gal Gracen!

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Originally aired: on July 29 2013.