Everyone’s been partying too hard, so Travis plays a soft-rock show! ALL SOFT, ALL HOUR! 

Plus an Iceage ticket giveaway that is sadly no longer valid! But thanks for entering! 

Hear soft tunes from Jonathan Richman, Nick Lowe, The Men, Kurt Vile, Feel Alright, Old and Weird, Cousins, Makeout Videotape, Sean Nicholas Savage, Outdoor Miners, Sans AIDS, The Nerves, and The Sonics!

Stay tuned until the end for the return of the softest of all softies, LEWIS!

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Originally aired: June 10 2013.


Local rapscallians NEW SWEARS come in to perform an acoustic set in the studio–and they absolutely kill it! Fresh from the Fun Boy Club House, the Boys improvise a radio drama, complete with power tool sound effects. Plus they were nice enough to dress up like complete maniacs for radio! 

Plus tracks from Cold Warps, RAAS, Streat Meat, Dead Wrestler, Pissed Jeans, Hive Bent, Mystics, and The Men!

Originally aired: March 4 2013