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(Listeners: We interviewed this band when they were called SHE’S. They changed their name to NO ALOHA. Don’t freak out when we call them SHE’S the whole episode!)

Montreal’s SHE’S NO ALOHA are a new band with way too many good songs. We interviewed them about surviving cross-country bus trips, Dad rock, nearly dying, and esoteric Victoria knowledge!

Plus our weekly tape feature, Emmanuel goes global, and more tunes including:

No Aloha - Split - Kim Kimono
No Aloha - EP - Don’t Wanna Go To Work
No Aloha -  Split - Drop Dead
No Aloha - EP - My Baby K
No Aloha - Split - Girls Who Don’t Do Drugs

Generacion Suicida - Con La Muerte A Tu Lado - El Centro
Belgrado - Siglo XXI - Jeszcze Raz
Mannschreck - 80-8 7” - Where Have All The Good Times Gone

Psychic Fair - Bees On Ice - Won’t it Be Weird When We Can’t
Viet Cong - Cassette - Oxygen Feed

Cousins - The Halls of Wickwire - Phone
Corridor - Un Magicien En Toi - Quel Quoi

Sean Nicholas Savage - Bermuda Waterfall - Heartless


Everyone’s been partying too hard, so Travis plays a soft-rock show! ALL SOFT, ALL HOUR! 

Plus an Iceage ticket giveaway that is sadly no longer valid! But thanks for entering! 

Hear soft tunes from Jonathan Richman, Nick Lowe, The Men, Kurt Vile, Feel Alright, Old and Weird, Cousins, Makeout Videotape, Sean Nicholas Savage, Outdoor Miners, Sans AIDS, The Nerves, and The Sonics!

Stay tuned until the end for the return of the softest of all softies, LEWIS!

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Originally aired: June 10 2013.