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Graeme Stewart of THE LAURAS previously appeared on CITY SLANG as a member of Monomyth, but this time we make him answer the CITY SLANG questionnaire! We get to the bottom of his show amnesia, and hear the mildest curse word ever not censored on CITY SLANG!

Plus, Emmanuel’s new hair-brained theme: THE NAME GAME! We play all name bands!

Hear these tunes:

The Lauras - The Lauras - Cloudy Weight
The Lauras - The Lauras -Lazy
The Lauras - The Lauras -Home
The Lauras - The Lauras - Duncan
The Lauras - The Lauras - And When The Sun

Special Noise - Window Ballet 3: The Island Nevermind - Snoop Lion
New Fries - Fresh Face Forward - Plexiglass
Tasseomancy - Tasseotape - Braid. Wind is Coming

Start Something - Hard Times 7" - Hard Times
Different Skeletons - Devils - My Chagrin
Betrayers - Let The Good Times Die - Do You Smoke?

Shirley Ellis - Single - The Name Game

The Courtneys - S/T LP - Nu Sundae
The Beverleys - EP - Dreams
The Riff Randells - S/T LP - Mississippi Hot Dog
Benny The Jet Rodriguez - Home. Run. - Alley Cat
Martha - Courting Strong - Dust, Juice, Bones & Hair

Roberta Bondar - Caustic - Palm Bay



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Garrett Johnson of BRAZILIAN MONEY talks to us about cliff-side shows, freaking out frat bros, and offers a surprisingly even-handed analysis of Macaulay Culkin’s PIZZA UNDERGOUND!

Plus we talk about the most dangerous show we’ve been to, and our first cassettes!

We play these tunes:

Brazilian Money - Brazilian Money - Why Am I Still Standing Here?
Brazilian Money - Brazilian Money - Give Up That Dog
Brazilian Money - Brazilian Money - Then You’ll Know
Brazilian Money - Brazilian Money - We Could Just Stay

The Courtneys ft. Young Braised - Mars Attacks 7" - Mars Attacks
Hag Face - Hag Face/Shearing Pinx Split Tape - The Count
Deathcats - All Hail Deathcats - Solid
Skinny Kids - Strangers - Real Lost

The Ramones - Leave Home - Oh Oh I Love Her So
Hubble Bubble - S/T - New Promotion
The Okmoniks - Party Fever!!! - Teenage Timebomb

Charly Bliss - Soft Serve EP - Soft Serve
Deerhoof - Ia Isla Bonita - Exit Only
Flesh Lights - Free Yourself - Just About Due
Jay Holy - Scopalamine Dream - Beasts and Devils