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Garrett Johnson of BRAZILIAN MONEY talks to us about cliff-side shows, freaking out frat bros, and offers a surprisingly even-handed analysis of Macaulay Culkin’s PIZZA UNDERGOUND!

Plus we talk about the most dangerous show we’ve been to, and our first cassettes!

We play these tunes:

Brazilian Money - Brazilian Money - Why Am I Still Standing Here?
Brazilian Money - Brazilian Money - Give Up That Dog
Brazilian Money - Brazilian Money - Then You’ll Know
Brazilian Money - Brazilian Money - We Could Just Stay

The Courtneys ft. Young Braised - Mars Attacks 7" - Mars Attacks
Hag Face - Hag Face/Shearing Pinx Split Tape - The Count
Deathcats - All Hail Deathcats - Solid
Skinny Kids - Strangers - Real Lost

The Ramones - Leave Home - Oh Oh I Love Her So
Hubble Bubble - S/T - New Promotion
The Okmoniks - Party Fever!!! - Teenage Timebomb

Charly Bliss - Soft Serve EP - Soft Serve
Deerhoof - Ia Isla Bonita - Exit Only
Flesh Lights - Free Yourself - Just About Due
Jay Holy - Scopalamine Dream - Beasts and Devils