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TJ, Burger, and Dave of the Hamilton’s great TV FREAKS tell us how to spend one night in Hamilton, talk cover art, and buying candy! Hear TV FREAKS’ set of hand-selected classics from Hamilton, including SIMPLY SAUCER!

Plus we play these tunes:

TV Freaks - Destroy Music Start Your Own Band - Medidation

TV Freaks - TV Freaks - Coworker Blues
TV Freaks - TV Freaks - Street Rat
TV Freaks - Two - Knife
TV Freaks - Two - Pusher

TV Freaks - 7" EP - Freelancer
TV Freaks - TV Freaks - Only Child

Epicycle - You’re Not Gonna Get It: 1978-81 - Residential Area
Dennis Most - Agitate Me! - There is a Mall
The Gories - The Shaw Tapes - Charm Bag

The Ruby Plumes - Prairie Sessions - Rock City

Adam and the Madams - Death By a Million Splinters - Death By a Million Splinters

Born Wrong - Holding Cell - Loujack Cafe
Black Baron - Divine Chains - The Twisting Fate of Future Years
Sailboats Are White - Turbo 2 - Monster Helicopter
Snakecharmer - Crispy Meat Demo - Self Immolate
Magic Shadows - Sunburned Mind 7" - Sunburned Mind

Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited - Bullet Proof Nothing