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Vancouver’s THEE AHS get blue and talk filthy sign language, prom, and Jonathan Richman! Plus, they respond to YOUTUBE COMMENTERS!

Plus our tape segment and these tunes:

Thee AHs - Corey’s Coathangers - Spooky Love
Thee AHs - Future Without Her - Oooh (They’re Inside Me)
The Tammys - 7” - Egyptian Shumba
Jonathan Richman - I, Jonathan - I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar
Thee AHs - Thee AHs Nation - Ugly Side of Things
Thee AHs - Corey’s Coathangers - Does it Still Count?

Nervous - Nervous - Cog In The Machine
Spoils - Prairie Shag - What You Want
Strange Attractor - Barely Doing Crime 7" - I Need To Kill My Neighbours
Lunch Lady - Take That, The Devil!! - Recipe For Congealed Ambrosia Salad

Obnox - Louder Space - Bitch! Get Money!
Hysterics - Can’t I Live? 7" - No Vision
White Lung - Deep Fantasy - Face Down

Kindest Cuts - Kindest Cuts - Villains
Skinny Kids - Skinny Kids - All Gold

Lewis - L'Amour - Love Showered Me