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This week, Alex Zhang Hungtai of DIRTY BEACHES and LAST LIZARD records some answers to burning questions, including a description of performing at David Lynch’s bar that’s straight out of a David Lynch movie! plus learn about accepting culture through food, and the appeal of dirty old man literature.

Emmanuel plays a 90s set, a third language set, and Travis plays a tape segment!

Hear these tunes:

Dirty Beaches - Water Park OST - Water Park Theme
Dirty Beaches - Drifters - Elli
Last Lizard - Unreleased - Detroit (excerpt)
Dirty Beaches - Badlands - Horses
Dirty Beaches - Golden Desert Sun 7" - Night Drive
Dirty Beaches - Lord Knows Best
Dirty Beaches - Stateless - Time Washes Away Everything
Dirty Beaches - Drifters - Casino Lisboa

The Coneheads - Total Conetrol - ‘Notha Thing
Trrash - Trrash Demo - Trrashy
Pop. 1280 - Penetrate 7" - Krankenschwester

Amdi Petersen’s Arme - Amdi Petersen’s Arme - Skate Og Do
Gorilla Angreb - Aborted 2000 EP - Livstid
Knugen Faller - Lugna Favoriter - Lugna Favoriter
Davila 666 - Tan Bajo -  Obsesionao
Masshysteri - Var Del Av Stan - Var Del Av Stan

Eric’s Trip - Forever Again - December 93
Sebadoh - Bakesale - Rebound
Jale - So Wound - Ali
Thrush Hermit - Smart Bomb - Radio Blaster

Originally aired Dec. 15, 2014


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Our New York City Slang correspondent sends in an interview with POTTY MOUTH from CMJ! Learn the latest BREAKING NEWS on their nail polish regiment!

Plus, the whole gang is in the studio! We play new tunes, a split special, and talk about our favourite split records!

We play these tunes:

Potty Mouth - Hell Bent - Wish List

Ovlov - 4-Way Split 7" - Ohmu Shell

Heliotropes - A Constant Sea - Early in the Morning

Cellphone - Excellent Condition - Bad Medusa

Chocolat - Tss Tss - Apocalypse

Slutever - Slutever x Girlpool Fall Tour Split Tape - Stomach Ache

Girlpool - Slutever x Girlpool Fall Tour Split Tape - This Place

Low Culture - Low Culture/Needles//Pins Split 7” - Reservations

Needles//Pins - Low Culture/Needles//Pins Split 7” - Hateful

Dope Body - Lifer - Hired Gun

Brazilian Money - Brazilian Money - Then You’ll Know

The Lauras - The Lauras - Kill You

Dirty Beaches - STATELESS - Pacific Ocean



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AW, DANG! Those jerks from Bruised Tongue burst into the studio and took over the show this week. They play their favourite tunes from 2013, a new track from Boyhood, and plug their dumb five-year anniversary party this weekend!

Hear these tunes:

Boyhood - Post Poc

Destruction Unit - Deep Trip - God Trip

Gary Wrong Group - Total Punk - Streets of Iron

Venom P. Stinger - Walking About

Babysitter - EYE - Angel of Death

Milk Music - Cruise Your Illusion - No, Nothing, My Shelter
Mike Krol - Trust Fund - Cease and Desist

Devo - Hardcore Volume I - I’ve Been Refused 

Raspberry Bulbs - Deformed Worship - When A Lie Becomes a Truth

Dirty Beaches - Drifters / Love Is The Devil - Casino Lisboa
Dirty Beaches - Drifters / Love Is The Devil - ELLI

Foilakzoid - II - Trees

Warm Soda - Someone For You - Only In Your Mind
The Urinals - 100 Years of Pulchritude - Male Masturbation