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Lesley of BONNIE DOON talks to HSY while they try to park! They talk Flipper and gut rot!

Plus, Emmanuel plays bands from Not Dead Yet fest! Alanna plays braaaaaaand new tunes! Travis sends in a rippin’ hardcore set!

We play these tunes:

The Yips - Air Loom - Point Dume - 2:23
Bonnie Doon - An Affair to Remember - 2:02
HSY - Single - Cyber Bully - 3:24
The Beverleys - Single - Dreams - 2:37

Radioactivity - Dirtnap 2014 Sampler - World of Pleasure
Missing Monuments - Dirtnap 2014 Sampler - Answer the Call
Mind Spiders - Dirtnap 2014 Sampler - Make Make Make Make
Bad Sports - Dirtnap 2014 Sampler - Terrible Place

Destruction Unit - Deep Trip - Evil Man
Pleasure Leftists - 12” - Elephant Man
Institute - Salt 12” - Salt

Spraypaint  - Clean Blood, Regular Acid - Rest Versus Rush
Negative Rage - Craft Single - Pile (Tina, Age 13)
The Stasi - Demo 2014 - German Guilt
Toronto Homicide Squad - Slow Burn Lathe - Slow Burn

Kim Gray - Backseat Bingo - On Top
Nots - We Are Nots - Get Along
Nots - We Are Nots - Black Mold

Originally aired Nov. 24, 2014.


This week, Emmanuel interviews Ottawa’s AVERAGE TIMES! They tell  us about Shitty Dad wine, working at Shmal-Mart, and their upcoming tape on BRUISED TONGUE!

Plus a set of classic Ottawa tracks from GOING GAGA records, some lost classics from the 80s, and new weird sounds as usual!

Hear tunes from Average Times, Savage Crimes, Uranium Comeback, Fucking Machines, Million Dollar Marxists, Diane, Pop Crimes, Gas Rag, Bad Sports, Elton Motello, The Sound, Hüsker Dü, The Figs, Crystal Swells, and Cheap Time! 

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Originally aired: August 5 2013.