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Jam-packed show this week! First up, SCREAMING FEMALES talk about saving muskrats in Ottawa, belt collections, and pick a set of killer tunes!

Then, ANAMAI gives us an ultra chill interview, gives tips on relaxing, and definitely talks about ghosts again!

Screaming Females - Rose Mountain - Empty Head
Screaming Females - Rose Mountain - Ripe
Screaming Females - Rose Mountain - Burning Car

Hank Wood & The Hammerheads - Stay Home - In Space
Grass Widow - Internal Logic - Hang Around
Prince - Prince - Tips From Margarita

Anamai - Sallows - Lucia
Anamai - Sallows - Mute Flames
Anamai - Sallows - Altar Coals

The Lad Mags - Hypnotized 7” - Alien Bride
Chastity Belt - Time To Go Home - Trapped
Kappa Chow - Collected Out As of Now - Bang Bang
Colleen Green - I Want To Grow Up - Pay Attention
Mean Jeans - Singles - R U Mental

Originally aired April 13, 2015</P.



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Alanna and Travis run rampant in the studio, and discover soothing jazz bed music! SMOOTH!

Alanna interviews ANAMAI, the solo moniker of Anna from HSY, and we feature new Buzz Records singles!

Plus a sneak peak at some DJ sets the CITY SLANG crew will be doing this week! Get out there!

Hear these tunes:

So Cow - The Long Con - Get Down Off Of That Thing

Total Control - Typical System - 2 Less Jacks

SGNLS - II - Love Go’s Running

The Effects - Blister single - Blister

Young Governor - Bloodstains Across Ontario - I Wanna Girl From Wawa

Pointed Sticks - Waiting For The Real Thing - Out of Luck

Old and Weird - Kraft Singles - Minstrel Rock

Boyhood - Boyhood EP - Heat

Beta/Mai - Single - Never Enough

Dilly Dally - Single - Candy Mountain

B-Girls - Who Says Girls Can’t Rock? - Who Says Girls Can’t Rock

Tweens - Tweens - Hardcore Boy

Wand - Ganglion Reef - Fire On The Mountain (I–II–III)



Andy March of CROSSS and Craft Singles tells us about nearly blowing up a car in the mountains of BC, an ancient lathe cutter, and CROSSS bittersweet trip to this summer’s Sled Island festival!

Plus, a music tribute to THE BEST SHOW ON WFMU!

Featuring these tunes:

CROSSS - Obsidian Spectre - Sacred Cow
CROSSS - Craft Single - Mountain King
Cousins - Khyber Compilation - Khyber
CROSSS - Craft Single - Bones Brigade
CROSSS - CROSSS/ Un Blonde - Saccharine

Pink Faeries - Do It: Rare Live and Studio Recordings (1969 – 1971) - Do It
Sweet - Action 7" - Action
Big Dipper - Droogs split 7" - Jet

Anamai - Altar Coals single - Altar Coals
Paul Jacobs - Drug Theatres - Sharp Dress
The Pink Noise - Greedy Heart - Greedy Heart

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