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Dean of the killer ODONIS ODONIS discusses bad VHS movies, Canada’s archangel Thor, children’s television, and–most importantly–breakfast. Plus, non-stop bangers from Canada and beyond!

Hear these tunes:

Odonis Odonis -  Single - New Obsession
Odonis Odonis - Better EP - Flight Risk
Odonis Odonis - Hollondaze - Hollondaze
Odonis Odonis - Single - Are We Friends
Odonis Odonis - Hollondaze - We Are The Left Overs

Surveillance - Go Fuck Yourself - That’s Not Who I Am
Fountain - Fountain - New Age Prices
Androgynous Mind - Nightstalker - Knock On My Door

Absolutely Free - On The Beach - On The Beach
Stiu Nu Stiu - Ultra Silvam - Ultra Silvam
Clean Girls - Last House EP - First Day Ou

Spite House - Spite House - Tug of War
Mac DeMarco - Salad Days - Passing Out Pieces