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Jackson MacIntosh of the band SHEER AGONY talks to us about psychedelic times in Florida, drunk times on camera, and the most macho thing he’s ever done! Heads up: he’s not that macho!

Plus a spotlight on the KATORGA WORKS label and tunes from the PLASTIC FACTORY RECORDS compilation!

This week’s tunes:

Sheer Agony - Sheer Agony 7" - Claptrap
Sheer Agony - The Unruly Sisters - Goodbye Cream
Sheer Agony - Sheer Agony 7" - She’s An Artist
Sheer Agony - Sheer Agony 7" - Good Cats Go To Heaven

Un Blonde - Tenet - Life Standing Before
Merchandise - After The End - Green Lady
Homeshake - Single - Cash is Money

Institute - 7" - Giddy Boys
Ivy - Ivy 12" Arch-Foe
Hank Wood and the Hammer Heads - Stay Home - The Ghost

Obnox - The Juke That Sat By The Door - Sit Yo Ass Down
Golden Pelicans - Total Punk Records 12" - Pissin In a Puddle of Puke
Spray Paint - Cussin 7" - Cussin

Nap Eyes - Barrels - Meet The Factory
Special Costello - Meet The Factory - Shopping