(Note: CITY SLANG conducted this Alex Calder interview before allegations of sexual assault came to light. We've taken down the recording and won't be having Alex Calder on our show again. CITY SLANG has zero tolerance for harassment and sexual assault, and would not have had Calder on the show had we known about this before the interview.)

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ALEX CALDER joins us for the second time to discuss pin-ball tips, kick boxing, and the on-going mystery of whether or not a FREAK HEAT WAVES member shit themselves on stage. PLUS, we quiz Alex on how he felt about things four years ago during our first interview.

We play these tunes:

Alex Calder - Strange Dreams - Life Purpose
Alex Calder - Time - Light Leaves Your Eyes
Alex Calder - Strange Dreams - Memory Resolve
Alex Calder - Mold Boy - Rewind My Mind
Alex Calder - Strange Dreams - Strange Dreams
Alex Calder - Mold Boy - Moving Slow

Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now - Ignorecam
Palberta - Bye Bye Berta - Ode To Honey
Aye Nako - Silver Haze - Particle Mace
PONY - 7" - DIY

Tightlip - Demo MMXVII - Pushed Around
Gurm - Demo 2017 - Talking Heads
Cell - Demo 2017 - Scowl / Vermin
Gazm - Menace To Tha Earth - Livin Like I Wanna

Originally aired Feb 22, 2017