World premiere of the PENTAGON BLACK II compilation on CITY SLANG radio

CITY SLANG Radio is proud to premiere the latest cross-Canada beast, PENTAGON BLACK COMPILATION NO. 2!

The brand new double-sided 20x30" newsprint poster/download features exclusive tunes from 24 of the best DIY bands in the country!

The PENTAGON BLACK series is a project of Raymond and Drew of THE FAMINES, and this release follows last year's mighty Pentagon Black Compilation No. 1.

Below, listen to CITY SLANG's Pentagon Black mega episode featuring every song on the comp along with unhinged introductions personally recorded by each band, PLUS an interview with creators Raymond and Drew.

Read on for a full track list, a list of record release shows (where you can see killer bands and buy your own Pentagon Black Compilation No. 2 for $10), and three music videos launching along with the compilation!

Order your copy of Pentagon Black No. 2 online from, and learn more about CITY SLANG here. ENJOY!



1. “Hiding From the Moon,” Pale Lips (Montreal,
2. “Dead Soon,” Century Palm (Toronto,
3. “How Long,” Mauno (Halifax,
4. “twofour,” Not You (Halifax,
5. “Got in Me,” PRIORS (Montreal,
6. “Sleepist,” Cold Warps (Halifax,
7. “Isolate Me,” Deperuse (Windsor,
8. “Bad Year,” Sweet Dave & the Shallow Graves (Hamilton,
9. “Ayler Zung,” Usse (Saint John,
10. “What Do You Want Me to Say,” Napalmpom (Calgary,
11. “the Oracle,” Motherhood (Fredericton,
12. “Step Two,” Garbageface (Peterborough,


13. “trickle,” respectfulchild (Saskatoon, Treaty 6 Territory,
14. “Une Minute Qui ne l'est Pas Vraiment,” Nüshu (Montreal,
15. “Atom,” Microdot (Winnipeg,
16. “Sudden Death,” Smokey & The Feeelings (Edmonton,
17. “Metro Botanique,” Oromocto Diamond (Quebec,
18. “ the Second World War,” The Famines (Montreal,
19. “Panty Twister,” Bonnie Doon (Ottawa,
20. “Road Hockey,” Deathsticks (Peterborough,
21. “For The Kill,” Betrayers (Edmonton,
22. “No More,” Protruders (Toronto,
23. “See My Face,” Oiseaux (Regina,
24. “Teeth,” Man Meat (Saskatoon,


30 March - the Famines, Century Palm, Deathsticks, Garbageface @ the Spill, Peterborough, ON -
31 March - the Famines, Sweet Dave & The Shallow Graves, Deathsticks, Century Palm @ the Monarch, Toronto, ON -
31 March - listening party @ Backstreet Records, Saint John, NB —
31 March - Motherhood @ Peppers Pub, Saint John, NB -
1 April - the Famines, Pale Lips, Bonnie Doon, Nüshu, Sweet Dave & the Shallow Graves @ Turbohaus, Montreal, QC -
1 April - Mauno, USSE, Motherhood, @ the Capital, Fredericton, NB -
9 April - Protruders @ the Monarch, Toronto, ON
13 April - Betrayers @ 9910, Edmonton, AB
15 April - Motherhood @ Black Squirrel Books, Ottawa, ON -
15 April - Oromocto Diamond, the Zoobombs @ Scanner, Quebec, QC -
16 April - Nüshu @ Bar le Zaricots, Saint-hyacinthe, QC
20 April - Mauno @ the Seahorse, Halifax, NS -
26 April - Napalmpom @ the Ship & Anchor, Calgary, AB
27 April – Man Meat @ Ice Cream Queen Noodle Queen, Saskatoon, SK
29 April - Usse @ The Quality Block Party, Saint John, NB
5 May - the Famines @ Claude’s House, Moncton, NB